Welcome to Stow Technology

We have the expertise and experience to make your use of technology easy!

Advice on practical use of technology for appropriate applications is hard to get. You are faced with the prospect of over-engineered and overpriced solutions almost every avenue you decide to choose.

Here at Stow Technology we are different – we look at scaled solutions with budget in mind because we understand businesses large and small in this day and age do not want to spend a fortune on these solutions, but at the same time we do not cut corners.

Our focus is on practicality, security and best value for money for your technology needs. Peace of mind!


Information Technology – What do you need to operate your business? We can help you with a plan to modernise and automate your business as much as possible. From networking to web site solutions and office operations, software and infrastructure advice for maximum efficiency. We have the solutions!

Audio Visual – We have decades experience in designing and delivering AV installations for offices, boardrooms and entertainment venues. Whether it’s small conferences or meetings or that major annual event that is giving you a headache, we can take the load off you and make these things happen for you.

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